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Higuchi Inc., USA    One light at a time

We want to extend our sincere thanks for all our customers who continue to support us since we started our USA operation in 1993.

Our humble intention continues on to this day, to support every customer with super friendly service and to provide
“Quality you expect at a Price you can afford”.

Our centrally located Dallas, Texas main office continues to provide reliable shipping and accommodates customer calls from every time zone in the US.
Our newly added Southern California support office provides R&D and OEM technical assistance.
We are dedicated more than ever to support all of your domestic and international business needs.

Please join us to illuminate the world! One light at a time.

New Product

Xenon Quad Lamps

Long life alternative for the incandescent and the krypton bulb

You will find higher brilliance and warmness compared to the LED bulb

Long life of 20,000 hours

View the PDF here or go to download page